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43th Milwaukee Irish Fest is August 17-20, 2023

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Microform Resources

The library has a microform reader/scanner that interfaces with one of our computers permitting you to print microform images or save them to floppy or CD-ROM disc. Here are a few of our most use microforms. A complete list follows.

Microfiche copy of Griffith's Valuation

This is a tax list generated between 1848-1864, which locates those listed in a specific county, parish, and townland of Ireland, along with the name of the person from whom the land was leased.

Microfilm copy of the New York Immigration Bank Records

As immigrants, primarily Irish, established accounts, usually for the purpose of sending money home to Ireland, they were asked many identifying questions (sometimes the names of family members and sometimes the exact place in Ireland from which the immigrants came).

Microfilm index to sub-denominations in Six-Inch Maps of Ireland

These are often the place names remembered by emigrants and carried down in family tradition as the family home. This index locates all the named hills, churches, and manses that are indexed nowhere else. These indexes can only be found here and in the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.

Ontario, Canada Land Records Index

A record of settlers, many of whom were Irish, acquiring land from the government in Ontario.

Microform Resources
the Irish Emigration Library

Microfilm Resources
Call Number Title Use Lens
FILM-35-US-NY-17-EMI Emigrant Savings Bank Records
Reel 1 Index 1850 - 1866 12X
Reel 2 Index 1867 - 1877 12X
Reel 4 Test Book 1 Account Numbers 1 to 12,482 12X
Reel 5 Test Book 2 Account Numbers 12,483 to 25,000 12X
Reel 6 Test Book 2a Account Numbers 25,000 to 32,521 12X
Reel 7 Test Book 3 Account Numbers 32,522 to 40,129 12X
FILM-35-IR-39-SIX Six Inch Ordinance Survey Maps – Name Index (Series 5)
P4621-Cos. Cork, Clare, Kerry 19X
P4622-Cos Tipperary, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo 19X
P4623- Cos Sligo, Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Roscommon, Waterford, Limerick 19X
P4624-Cos. Kildare, Carlow, Down, Dublin, Fermanagh, Kilkenny, offaly, Longford, Louth, Meath, Monaghan 19X
P4625-Cos Leix, Tyrone, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow, Derry
FILM 35-IR-39-SIX-DUP Six Inch Ordinance Survey Maps – Name Index Duplicate 16mm ???
FILM 35-WI-7-WIS Wisconsin State Census – Series 309
Reel 1 – 1836 Census and Census Index, 1838 Census, 1842 Census 12X
Reel 2 – 1846 Census 12X
Reel 3 – 1847 Census 12X
Microfiche Resources
IR-61-GRI v1 Griffith’s Valuation – Householders Index 24X
IR-61-GRI v2 Griffith’s Valuation – Antrim to Clare 24X
IR-61-GRI v3 Griffith’s Valuation – Cork to Dublin City 24X
IR-61-GRI v4 Griffith’s Valuation – Dublin to Leitrim 24X
IR-61-GRI v5 Griffith’s Valuation – Limerick to Roscommon 24X
IR-61-GRI v6 Griffith’s Valuation – Sligo to Wicklow 24X
Canada Index to Ontario Land Records – Name Listing 24X
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Milwaukee Co/Directory/1848-49 24X
Wisconsin Wisconsin State – T49-Pensioners-1812-1885 (2 fiche) 19X
New York Buffalo/Directory – 1844 (2 fiche) 19X
Pennsylvania City Directory Erie - 1832 24X
Ireland Gravestones in Belast v. 1-4 19X
Gravestones in Co. Down v. 1-20 19X
Tithe Defaulters – 1831 Co. Tipperary – 3 fiche 24X
Tithe Defaulters – 1831 Co. Cork – 2 fiche 24X
Tithe Defaulters – 1831 Cos Laois, Meath, Carlow, Kerry 24X